How will you use the Internet to serve the world?

How can we serve you?

That you are here now in this moment is not by accident, you’re here for a reason. It means you are ready to live or are already living your life purpose and sharing your unique gift with the world. If this is you, then my team is the perfect partner to support you in this process, so that you can shine your light online in a BIG way.

As a boutique branding agency we specialize in creating an online business for you with a unique look and feel tailored to your specific business and your ideal client fully aligned with your soul purpose and unique gift. We believe that your business is a part of your life mission and a platform on which you can share your unique gift to the world that reaches the masses, especially if you go online. Besides branding we are specialized in building online learning environments, where you can offer your own online programs to your clients.

We are a relatively small team which makes the communication lines short and allows us to give our clients a lot of individual attention and personal support in their process. Our online business packages have everything inside that you need, to run a successful online business. From design to development, online marketing elements and coaching to Gangsta Goddesses Soul Journeys that help you really connect to your soul purpose and your unique gift that you have to offer the world. The Soul Journey is also an Energy Clearing & Healing Session to align deeper to who you really are.

It’s what is hidden in our subconscious that often sabotages us the most. Cause in the end you can do everything right in your marketing, but it’s your own emotional vibration that attracts or repels people. That’s why we also added these in-depth healing services in our online business packages, to make sure that nothing stands in the way of you living your life purpose and sharing your unique gift.

As you can read in the About page, this is literally the key to success – the ultimate game-changer that leads to the manifestation of all the things you dreamed of when you started your business. The lifestyle you wanted and the soul satisfaction of helping others, doing what you love most.

In short we offer you a full solution, for your online business that has been carefully put together to support you in living your soul purpose and sharing your unique gift in a way that is fully aligned with your divine plan.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie


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Our Team

Noor Burki
Senior developer

Noor Burki is the senior developer and head of our development team. Noor specializes in custom php code which he uses to build complex websites in WordPress or custom coded systems. He also developed the Online Academy Plugin for our company and our clients. Whether you need an online learning environment or want to build an online platform with specific user profiles Noor and his development team based in Pakistan are ready to make your dream project a reality.

Noor is practicing Muslim, married to his beautiful wife and soon to be father of three.

Jyoti Vijay
Senior designer

Jyoti is the senior designer of our design department. Jyoti is an amazingly talented designer experienced in web designs as well as print designs. She creates a unique branding for each client based on their specific business and matching ideal clients.

Jyoti and the love of her life, her husband Yashit live in Kota, Rajasthan in India. Jyoti is fun as hell. Really the life of the party. She is full of laughter and love, that's also why Yashit refused to accept an arranged marriage and chose a love marriage with his Jyoti.

Sabriyé Dubrie
Spiritual business coach

Sabriyé uses the Gangsta Goddesses energy to help you unblock any energetic obstructions standing between you and fulfilling your life purpose. This energy also helps you to fully re-align to your divine plan, so you can share your unique gift with the world in a BIG way.

Sabriyé has always heavily been into the law of attraction and manifesting the life of your dreams. After the physical meeting with her Twin Flame, she became fully aligned to her life purpose and developed the spiritual gifts that are her unique gift to the world.